View Full Version : [vBulletin 3.5.4+] Archive Plugin compatibility

21 Feb 2006, 16:52
If you have coded Plugins for the archive that use echo(), those must be changed for vBulletin 3.5.4 to use the $output variable.


$output .= 'My content added at this place';

This change also gives you the possibility to easily perform replaces, etc. on the output before it is sent to the browser.

28 Feb 2006, 20:59
thnx, i thik using $output is better than echo().

Oblivion Knight
01 Mar 2006, 09:07
Thanks for this Andreas,

The announcement at vbulletin.com concerning this somewhat baffled me.. :o

13 Mar 2006, 16:13
why coders coders won't use internal php buffer functions such ob_start() ?
is it slowly that add value to variable?
I made some stuff with simple few code modifications with ob_xxx functions,
but in 3.5.4+ my mods need to rewrite((