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06 Mar 2006, 21:36
This an clean looking skin from www.forum-lance.com

80% fluid version

Comes with psd files for the header...

View demo (http://www.vbdemo.com/index.php?styleid=9)

How do I install the Style?

1. Extract the zip files to a folder on your computer.
2. Upload the image folder "flance" to your forums> images>styles> directory (ex: forum/images/styles/flance).
3. Login to your Admincp in your vBulletin Forum and Click on "Style & Templates" to expand the menu.
4. In the expanded menu click on "Download / Upload Styles" , a new page will load.
5. In the new page look for: "Import Style XML File" click on browse and point it to the .xml file that you want to install
6. If you are using a vbulletin version older than 3.5.4 click tick "Ignore Style Version"
7. Press IMPORT to complete the installation

Note: If you dont have an Style folder in your images directory, create new folder named 'styles'

06 Mar 2006, 21:50
nice and clean !

06 Mar 2006, 22:46

Thanks :D

07 Mar 2006, 02:33
Nice skin. I noticed some of your others and I'd love to get a set of vB buttons for 3.5.x in this type of image look for a lite colored board:

26 Mar 2006, 14:56
great style i just might use it..

but why dont you take the solid colors and make them HTML instead of tiny gfx? Wouldn't that be more efficient?

07 May 2006, 13:30
I love this Style but it is possible to get the other .psd files for the small buttos i've attached ? I have a german Forum and i want to translate the buttons. or when someone else did it before it's okay, too ;)

cu !

EDIT: And maybe it's possible to give us the buttons out of the navbar as .psd files.

07 May 2006, 13:42
nice and clean ..

pleas the buttons is psd :)

07 May 2006, 14:56
pleas the buttons is psd

29 May 2006, 22:51
Nothing new here ? :-/