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10 Mar 2006, 22:54
More of a Service Release with new graphics, ClearLooks VB SR2.0 updates my ever so popular(?) ClearLooks VB theme, a port of the Gnome 2.12 default theme, to the new 2.0 version of the ClearLooks GTK Engine, featuring new colors, a more glossy look (We all love gloss), and a new sky blue color...:) !

This is a unique update, I decided to make this more of a service release of it, there are only new graphics in this one for now, maybe ClearLooks VB 2.5 will include template changes. This also gives you a unique update possibility, you can upgrade your 1.x.x generation ClearLooks VB theme to 2.0 my uploading the new graphics, or doing a fresh installation by uploading the graphics, and then importing the "ClearLooks Engine 1.1.1" (the XML file).

I will only declare a new version of ClearLooks when there are new versions of the templates, so that's why this is the ClearLooks 2.0 Service Release. Okay, you may have been confused by all this so short and sweet this is:

The ClearLooks 1.1 XML
ClearLooks 2.0 graphics

Okay, let's just download it already (also, sorry but the documentation calls this ClearLooks VB 2.0, that was a goofup)

This theme has preliminary confirmed support for vBulletin 3.5 (that I do not support for anyone else), I added in the one missing graphic I could notice (quote.gif), for this new version...ClearLooks VB 1.1 - ClearLooks 2.0 Service Release Revision 1 (now, that's a mouthful!). Now with preliminary support for vB 3.5, just ignore the version warning (is that what you did Blaine? The demo shows proof of this as it happens to run 3.5). I think it's the first theme cross-compatable with vB 3.0 and 3.5 without modification...on the user end anyway...:banana: PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!! I mean, I also removed all NetAddition specific stuff for your convience

Revision 2 adds better report button, more correct colors (man, I still can't believe I used Blue in a teal/beige theme!

Demo of ClearLooks 1.1 Core - http://www.netaddition.com/forums/?styleid=15

11 Mar 2006, 01:06
Any demo??

11 Mar 2006, 02:05
Unfortunatly, we do not have one at this time, until I get the NetAddition FTP situation out of the way anyway...:(

But, do you have a vB 3.0 forum eViL sTiGmA?

11 Mar 2006, 15:18
No screens?

11 Mar 2006, 16:02
I know, sorry about that...this was done blindly with just graphic changes, this was going to be a whole new version originally but because of my FTP problems...

If anyone uses it, could you link to your site here in this thread or profile and make me aware?

11 Mar 2006, 18:43
here is a demo on a vb3.5


11 Mar 2006, 19:39
Wow, you got it to work under 3.5? Did you have to do anything special? Check your PM box, because I have a little question!

19 Aug 2006, 01:05
Anyone have a screen shot?