View Full Version : Question about Rule Changes for large communities

11 Mar 2006, 02:26
We've got a community of 700+ forums and 130K+ members...but due to some changes we've made over the last year and changes we'll be making in the months to come, we feel we need to make some changes to our "forum rules" (the thing everyone agree's to upon joining).

Is there some way to make each member "agree" to the rules now, as members, before they can participage again? I'm not talking new members - I'm talking about our existing member base.

If anyone can give me some tips on this - that'd be great :)


11 Mar 2006, 03:56
I'll throw out the idea that you could probably do a small hack pretty easily to vb where you added a field to a table to track if they've agreed to the new terms. If they haven't, you show the new terms with an "ok, i agree" button, and if they have you obviously just never show this page again. Just throwing the idea out there, good luck.

11 Mar 2006, 06:12
Well, there is the force users to fill out required profile fields hack. You could use that with a custom profile field like "Do you agree to the new Rules?" with a link to the rules page or something. Then, before they could proceed, they'd have to select yes and update their profile.

11 Mar 2006, 17:56
Myself I use the "vB Rules and User Agreement Hack (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=97699)" with our forum rules that people need to accept before they can actually view a board, if I update them I simply reset the counter and it'll pop up again to everyone. Works pretty well.

14 Mar 2006, 14:17
Thanks for the suggestions!

The hack looks awesome - since we'll be upgrading and making a lot of changes - this is something we could add before we go live - so all the changes hit at once.

That's great, thanks a lot :)