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11 Mar 2006, 13:10
First of all I just have to say: Great hack!! :D
I've been waiting for one like this since I switched over from phpbb to vBulletin 3.5...

I haven't been able to go through the 3,000+ post long thread, so I don't know if this has been answered before or not, so here we go:

When I delete posts/thread by members, is it possible to make it so they automatically loose points for that as well?
Now they can just "spam away" to get more points, and I have to manually delete the appropriate number of points every time I delete posts/threads...

Thanks. :)

11 Mar 2006, 13:13
I have asked. Search for post from me here and the main thread.

Short answer no!


11 Mar 2006, 13:29
Short answer no!

Then I hereby officially kindly request it to be included in future releases.. :cool:

11 Mar 2006, 14:12
I could probably do it, but its a very complex calculation and I have thought of a way to get it down to reduce the number of quer2 queries, but it still could be per number of users that replied in the thread because they may or may not have more than 1 reply to the thread and it would have to remove the number of points individually for each user. So if u have a thread where 1000 posts are there and there was 300 users who posted in there and some posted once and some posted 6 times, it would not properly take off the number of points per each user properly without a separate query for each user.


13 Mar 2006, 17:38
It's very rare that I have to delete long threads, so that's not the most important thing.

But is it possible (and easy?) to implement deduction of points when we delete single posts in a future version?

A couple of other requests for future releases:
- Points for each reply in a thread, to the thread starter (a "bonus" for creating popular threads)
- Allow admins and moderators (optional) to edit members points through the user profile
(similar as the Admin Donate, but also possible to remove points there)
- "spam prevention" by setting how many posts a member can make within a given time period and be able to gain points for them. (ex. 40 posts pr 24 hours)

I used the cash hack for phpBB before, and I really liked those features there.. :)

14 Mar 2006, 02:02
Deleting points is very tricky as it has to calculate again the size of the message to know exactly how many points to delete. This will be at least 1 query. It also is assuming there is a hook before it 'deletes' a post from a thread, there probably is one available somewhere, but this has to be researched.

There is already a bonus for the thread starter in they get points anytime someone views a thread. If you add it to give points to the thread starter when someone replies to the thread to, that will mean there is 1 more query on every reply as well. If thats an acceptible option, I can add that sure.

I'd like to add some AJAX features in the future, maybe that could be done to edit user points live like the vb lets u edit thread titles by double clicking in the area.

To prevent spam would be harder to accomplish, you'd basically have to store a history of every time the user has posted/replied a thread to be accurate. A simple counter that resets daily with another cron job could suffice, but I know on my forums a single query to set all users in 1 query takes about 5 seconds alone. (I have 200,000+ users on my site.)

Always dont forget, vbPlaza has a lot of hooks, u could take over entirely how the lottery works with using such a hook.


23 May 2006, 03:05
Just wondering, when you edit your own post and reduce the character count, your points go down, but why doesn't that work when a mod/admin edits someone else's post? Will this be easier to implement?

I was thinking I could do this.. so I was gonna edit someone's post (spam) by removing the text in the post (their points go down) THEN delete it.

I understand that's troublesome for deleting an entire long thread, but that's also rare for me to do (rationale: the thread has lasted long enough without a mod deleting it, so it must have some merit). Spam threads are usually deleted right away when there's only 2-3 posts.

20 Jun 2006, 17:52
Well, it is possible to do, just time consuming to get it right without any exploits.

This is on my "Todo when I have more time" list already.