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12 Mar 2006, 09:18
theme based on space with night sky background effect - 90% width fluid style...

Psd for the header and buttons attached with the zip.

View demo (http://www.vbdemo.com/index.php?styleid=15)

How do I install the Style?

1. Extract the zip files to a folder on your computer.
2. Upload the image folder "space" to your forums> images>styles> directory (ex: forum/images/styles/space).
3. Login to your Admincp in your vBulletin Forum and Click on "Style & Templates" to expand the menu.
4. In the expanded menu click on "Download / Upload Styles" , a new page will load.
5. In the new page look for: "Import Style XML File" click on browse and point it to the .xml file that you want to install
6. If you are using a vbulletin version older than 3.5.4 click tick "Ignore Style Version"
7. Press IMPORT to complete the installation

Note: If you dont have an Style folder in your images directory, create new folder named 'styles'

12 Mar 2006, 09:50
Looks good, nice work. Although, your 'Qlinks' button in the navbar doesn't seem to be functioning at all on your demo board.

12 Mar 2006, 10:19
yes rectified it now, thanks for the info...

12 Mar 2006, 11:51
Not a single ss or demo? Will help convince a lot of people :p

Found the link now; http://www.vbdemo.com/index.php?styleid=15 :p

12 Mar 2006, 11:54
Not able to follow you but i have provided a link to live demo in my first post...

12 Mar 2006, 13:51
excellent ! I like background ;) It's cool :)

03 May 2006, 06:39
I tried to change the banner at the top in the ACP under Edit Vars but it didn't work. Any help appreciated

04 May 2006, 13:07
Is this compatible with VBadvanced? i get plain black block headers and it makes the Vbadvanced look weird, the forums look great i just have a issue witht he VBa part.

Example: http://www.avid-astronomers.co.uk

Smiry Kin's
05 May 2006, 06:11
yes it works great with vbadvanced i tested it, i really like the way you've done the transparent bit? ermm care to share? :P

21 Aug 2006, 19:25
Will this be updated for 3.6x? I really like this skin for my site since its sci-fi related.

22 Aug 2006, 02:03
Will this be updated for 3.6x? I really like this skin for my site since its sci-fi related.
yes i have been porting by skins onebyone to 3.6 and this will be done soon...