View Full Version : Big-Boards.com stats accuracy - how are yours?

14 Mar 2006, 22:57
If you have your forum listed on www.big-boards.com , what do you think of the stats they deliver for traffic, page views, max members online, and so on? Of course, the posts/new members per day are obvious but the stats they are generating for traffic and the others have never compared to the stats I generate through things like awstats and the server.

How do they compare for you?

23 Mar 2006, 15:46
Note that the tracker is an image downloaded from your server. This means our stats only include your actual visitors. They would not include spiders, robots of all kinds, wouldn't count as unique visitors an image remotely linked from another site, etc.
So they should be slightly lower than what something like awstats gives.
I'm interesting in reading other's opinions though. Especially if someone has used google analytics, since tehy only count real visitors as well i'd be interested in a comparison.