View Full Version : The top of the roller coaster time span

21 Mar 2006, 01:33
I know many of you are currently operating HUGE boards, so I have a question that I hope I can get some feedback on.

I run several forum based communities, with many active members and threads, but at this point it seems activity has peaked where it has been for a while now.

Members like to see new exciting things happening, and when they do, they post, and new members looking in jump on board, no pun intended. It just seems that I can't seem to find that button to push. The content is there, the members are there, I just need to think of something to give it that extra nudge to push it over the top of the roller coaster.

(And the roller coaster is kind of a bad example but hopefully you know what I mean) ;)

Can some of you who run highly successful boards give any advice on this subject?