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25 Mar 2006, 01:21
Do you hear a story about 1000 paper crane ?.... A man make 1000 paper crane for his love but she say she must go far region .... He's very sad and try work hard to get more money .10 years late, he become a millionaire ,everybody admire him . But he can't forget her , he angry because he can't keep her . In a beautiful day ,when walking in the road ,he see her parent .... Truely ,she fall ill and die in 10 years after :tired: She advise parent put 1000 paper crane in her grave :( .... where she can see it forever ......

I made 1000 paper crane for my love (actually she don't love me) in last week :) I make her angry ... I want sorry about it .... and now it's a good idea for this styles ^^

It have some bug .You can fix it.
In forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost find:

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Delete it . Done ! Have fun
Live Demo: http://www.vongtaythanai.net/4rum/

25 Mar 2006, 01:21
Font & Psd you can download here :

25 Mar 2006, 02:08
Another creative design from you...

25 Mar 2006, 02:23
That's very well done. Nice job.

25 Mar 2006, 06:41
^^ Thanks all ... View in 1024*768 to see full style :) My demo is 800*600 can't get full style :)

25 Mar 2006, 06:53
looks amazing. great work once again!

25 Mar 2006, 06:58

25 Mar 2006, 06:59
very nice skin good works

25 Mar 2006, 08:37
Awesome template, ++++++. Great work. :)

26 Mar 2006, 08:23
:D nice, advance in the world ;)

26 Mar 2006, 08:55
nice ! good job

28 Mar 2006, 18:14
awww ~ I'm so sorry about your situation ~ all things work out for the best~

Your style is beautiful and I think it's just such a thoughtful and creative way to show your love ( you guys probably think I'm sickening, but I'm a hopeless romantic :)

I'm gonna install it :D