View Full Version : DNS Servers - on your own box or use the datacenter's?

27 Mar 2006, 08:55
I used to run DNS on my own servers because I figured it would improve performance a bit and give me a lot more control over custom configurations. Plus it looks nice to have your own name on the DNS if someone does a lookup. However, when I upgraded to a much more powerful server, I decided to just let ev1 control the DNS since it is 1) provided for free and 2) takes the load of DNS traffic control OFF the server. I figure this is similar to the difference between having a hardware firewall vs a software firewall on your server.

What does everyone else do and/or think about this? Does running your own DNS on the same server create an unnecessary load if the datacenter provides it for free? Plus Ev1 and most datacenters give you just about as much control with their DNS settings as you would have with your own (unless you are doing something really elaborate).


Paul M
27 Mar 2006, 12:59
We use zoneedit for dns.

The Prohacker
27 Mar 2006, 14:32
Our primary hosting partner doesn't have a great DNS control panel and since we own several hundred domains, we run our own name servers. We actually have two name servers plus our own name resolver for DNS resolution internally.