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30 Mar 2006, 12:04
I am thinking it would be a good idea for this site to branch out from the "Service Requests" age, and change into something more along the lines of a "Classifieds" section.

It might sound the same, but the Classifieds section would include vBulletin webmasters who are looking for a new site to help run, to increase their knowledge of the forum software they are using and meet new people. I personally am in desperate need of a co-partner who knows what they are doing in vBulletin. I run a forum with 8,500 members, and I am finding that I need someone to help me run this. If I were to go to the Lounge, I wouldn't get much help. If I went to "Service Requests", I would get mercenaries willing to flog my wallet senseless (if I was lucky enough to even get a reply).

Well, I guess what I am saying is, it would be a Webmasters Classifieds section. I urge the powers that be to think about it.