View Full Version : Bug or new hack?

Code Monkey
03 Apr 2006, 04:35
I notice I can click on my own threads in forumdisplay and change the title with AJAX like mods and admins can. Is this a new hack for vb.org?

03 Apr 2006, 05:05
Isn't it a standard 3.5 feature? If you the Edit Thread Title time runs out you shouldn't be able to do it anymore. (Although I don't know what that is)

Code Monkey
03 Apr 2006, 05:13
I was wondering if it was just something I never noticed since on my sites I can edit all threads that way. So I went to some other vb 3.5 sites where I am simply a member and I could not do it.

On this site age of thread does not seem to affect it.

Hmm, maybe there is just no time limit here.

03 Apr 2006, 05:29
I just tested on my dev board, and yes it's a default vbulletin feature. The sites you may have tested with may have editing threads disabled for members.

Code Monkey
03 Apr 2006, 05:36

I never knew that members could do that. LOL

03 Apr 2006, 05:37
I knew at first, but completely forgot. Since I don't normally edit any thread titles as a member on other vbulletin forums.

Code Monkey
03 Apr 2006, 05:49
Yeah, I guess one gets used to having admin or mod permisions.