View Full Version : [NON VB.ORG BUG] Getright, Firefox and Vb.org

04 Apr 2006, 23:20
Since I've recently gone back to using getright again, when I try and download an attachment that's a zip etc, getright tries to download a useless attachment.php file. If it's a .txt or an image it opens fine.

I don't have this problem if I use IE.

Does anyone know a fix for getright/firefox/vb.org?

05 Apr 2006, 00:19
If it's any consolation - Download Accelerator is doing precisely the same thing for me.

Dean C
05 Apr 2006, 01:53
This happens with most download managers, it's a bug in them not recognizing the headers of the script. Good luck with getting them to fix it. I've been bugging FlashGet authors to fix it for a while ;)

05 Apr 2006, 03:45
See if this works.
- Try and rename the "useless attachment.php file" as filename.zip

Take a look if you can open the "Zip" . I have seen this happen a few times with attachment downloads and browsers.