View Full Version : "This user has installed this mod"

05 Apr 2006, 19:51
Have you ever considered doing an image rather than typing it out like that? When I'm looking through a modification thread of mine, it's hard to see if I'm just quickly scrolling. It's also weird that it breaks down to the next line. Maybe a small green image or something that says installed or something.

I dunno. Just a suggestion and a way of cleaning up an un-needed line break.

Paul M
05 Apr 2006, 19:56
I would prefer the option I asked for before ;

"username installed this mod in June 2005"

05 Apr 2006, 20:00
Or maybe just have it say "Installed in June 2005" so it's a bit shorter.

Paul M
05 Apr 2006, 21:02
Works for me. :)

05 Apr 2006, 23:58
That would work as well considering the fact that text doesn't pull anywhere near as much strain as images do. =D

Installed in April 2006