View Full Version : Which is the Chat integrated here in Vbulletin.org?

06 Apr 2006, 10:37
Iīm thinking to buy a Vbulletin license and integrate with a Chat.

Just I canīt enter but Iīm interested in the brand/version of the Chat and know if it works fast and stable.


06 Apr 2006, 10:44
I believe the chat hack here is a private IRC integration hack.

06 Apr 2006, 11:01
Bahh... Iīm confused.

There is some bad looking chats with vb integration and the prettiest cost like a vb license or go slow/unstable.

People wants a chat and cms vbulletin made, but I donīt see that they have intention to do that. And from words from the offiacial vb forum, there is no one cms shining now that worths an integration with vb.

I will have to stuck with Flashchat..


06 Apr 2006, 11:16
I too use Flashchat on my forums and it works just fine. I might consider switching to IRC if a nice, free hack comes out to integrate it with vB.

06 Apr 2006, 11:31

You're using Flashchat then in 3.5 with no issues? I have finally learned enough to properly install my first solo hack (the vChat) THEN discovered it won't work with the 3.5. UGH.

Anyways, I'm just seeking opinions and feedback about Flashchat before investing the time to get and install.


06 Apr 2006, 12:07
Time? It just integrates automatically.

I donīt know nothing and I just installed it in 5 minutes.

Try and tell us your experience.


06 Apr 2006, 13:04
Their chat is running on a pjirc applet embedded into a template that is fetched by the simple chat.php file which takes $bbusername or something as an argument for the log on name.

I think...

06 Apr 2006, 13:37

Brad wasn't lazy enough to relize I coded something similiar already :)