View Full Version : Licensed owner benefits

06 Apr 2006, 14:59
Hi all

I was wondering if there were any added licensed owner benefits such as directory listings to help boost traffic to the forums. My forums are very low traffic right now and Id like to boost traffic.

06 Apr 2006, 15:30
^ ^
there's a directory listing over at vbulletin.com you can join when you're licenced.

06 Apr 2006, 15:41
I've joined and I am on the directory. Who sees the directory and is it a directory that spans accross others? Two part thread question - Why is imym username imported_infitech?

06 Apr 2006, 16:02
that may be, because you were imported from vbulletin-templates?

06 Apr 2006, 17:11
Thank you. You have been helpful