View Full Version : Best way to set this all up

07 Apr 2006, 00:41
Just installed VBbux/VbPlaza and I also have IBProArcade on my site.

What I want to do is, we have are 'platinum members' who are paying members of our forum. I want them to have unlimited access to the arcade, they can play all the games they want as part of their subscription.

Then we have our normal members, what I would like to use VBBux is to make is so normal members can play too, but they have to pay per play.

Is it possible with this hack to make it so the platinum members get unlimted access, and normal users pay per play?


07 Apr 2006, 13:21
I'm on the same page you are Chris... I hope we can do this. I'll be waiting for an answer as well ;)

07 Apr 2006, 22:05
Ya, I'm really hoping it's possible.

08 Apr 2006, 19:00
Yes, this should be possible right now.

For the usergroup u want to have access and play for free, follow these steps:
1) Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager -> Arcade Permissions -> Set it so they Can View Arcade and Can Play Arcade.
2) Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager -> vbBux vbPlaza Permissions -> Can this group play the Arcade for free? -> Set to Yes.

Then for ur normal users who have to pay to play, just enable the Arcade Permissions for them for Can View Arcade / Can Play Arcade. As the Can this group play the Arcade for free? is already set to no by default.

That should do it for u.