View Full Version : Can't Report Mod

08 Apr 2006, 17:48
I get an no permission message when I try to report a modification. Not sure if it's because I'm in the designer usergroup or because I report mods in the wrong forum so often :D

Paul M
08 Apr 2006, 18:01
You've obviously used up your reporting quota for the year :p

08 Apr 2006, 18:39
If there's a quota i should have used it all up in January!!

Tony G
09 Apr 2006, 04:18
What thread isn't it working in?

09 Apr 2006, 20:33
Yep, more info please, as that should not happen :D

09 Apr 2006, 21:42
It was happening in a hack release thread, it seems to be working now though. Perhaps I tried to report it and a couple seconds earlier a moderator moved it into a private forum or something of that sort.

10 Apr 2006, 21:47
that seems like the most likey reason :)