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11 Apr 2006, 13:42
Hello Friends,

:) I have a question .I hope i will get ample of replies for this..
I see one thing in the forum that all the code desinger has posted hacks with Help text. And we are instructed to change the specific file i.e Add below ,Add above and replace with........This thing create many fuss...like i m getting error ,,,it is not working with me,,,,etc etc

My suggestion To all code Disgners..

Y don't u guys post the file which has to be modified and uploaded?
U see " this will reduced the time for all of us and mental stress...
And one more thing , I m not writing here about Template Modification , I have just told u for the File that has to be Uploaded...That is u all provide us ReadyMade File :)

Reply me plz.............
Hey guys It was just an advice from me becasuse i m facing to much problem with this

11 Apr 2006, 13:48
Nope, as it is not allowed to upload full vb files. That is a general rule by Jelsoft, and Coders have to follow the rules.

Also it wouldn't help you much, because if a two mods change the same file, you will always have a problem...

11 Apr 2006, 14:02
ooof! thnx Admin.... Close This Thread To :(