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14 Apr 2006, 21:33
How to make moneyOf course there are donations and paid stuff but how to make more than 1 $ per donation?Adsense is stupid so what?

Paul M
14 Apr 2006, 21:44
Why is adsense stupid ?

14 Apr 2006, 22:23
doesn't earn that much as promised

Paul M
14 Apr 2006, 22:25
I wasn't aware they promised anything.

14 Apr 2006, 22:37
Funny.ANyway back to topic,can you give me a hint?

14 Apr 2006, 22:42
Forgive me, but isn't this a bit off-topic for this forum given that the site in question has only 34 members?

14 Apr 2006, 22:57
Actually they have 35 members :p

14 Apr 2006, 23:02
Doesn't matter amy.I am just starting as you see :p

15 Apr 2006, 01:28
I have switched to Yahoo Publisher and make over $100 a day via Yahoo and in some days over $300.

Several factors are involved in the amount of money a forum can make and I would say that your selling yourself short if you think next week,next month or in 3 months you will be making enough money to go on a cruse and pay your dedicated server bill, that is just not realistic. Forums among other CMS take time and patience/money to grow. My forum has over 12,000 members and over 3,000 uniques a day and thouands of links getting indexed in Google as I currently run vbseo. And countless other statics this didn't happen overnight and I have not spent a dime on advertisement. BE TRUE TO YOUR VISION AND COMMUNICATING THAT TO YOUR MEMBERS and watch your forum grow and then financial growth will follow. The forums or blogs we all drool over that make the $10,000 a month or even $700,000 a year were online for 6/7 years recieve 500k unique visitors a day Pagerank is 8/10+ link popularity is over 200k and have millions of users. And did I mention that it took them over 6 years to do this.

I would say don't expect to make more than you spend on your forum anytime soon took me 4 months to start making a profit and I still used the money for prizes etc that is what a true Admin is supose to be not a FORUM PIMP :p you have to care about the community your going to create and not worry too much if it is making you money after 48 hours of installing vbulletin!

Stop blaming google or vbulletin or even your members that what I had to do and I had to become a leader wether I wanted to or not.

Nothing more nothing less so never be ordinary and always be origional



15 Apr 2006, 01:52
Doesn't matter amy.I am just starting as you see :p

Well, if you are just starting it isn't a "Big Board" discussion and that is the forum we are in.

As for Adsense or any other PPC program.. You are never going to make money without traffic. Fortunately, if you only have 35 or so members you probably have very little in the way of expenses so income should not be needed unless that is your sole motivation, in which case your community probably won't reach its potential.

Members are not going to donate much if anything unless you have a proven community that they get something out of. That usually requires content, membership and activity - all of which take time.

15 Apr 2006, 02:17
i have a about 1500 members cause i deleted a lot....a lot of traffic and google all of a sudden * stopped * i barely make 1$ and i believe in what spoiley says thats exacly what i wanna do earn to give...

Free passes and all :( cant do much without money

Any tip?

how did you become a yahoo publisher?

15 Apr 2006, 04:03
See my post about the "Big Daddy" update Google did if you want to know what happened to all of your traffic, however, looking at Google you still have over 10k in links there alone.
Link: http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=GGLG,GGLG:2005-50,GGLG:en&q=site%3Adancehallareaz%2Ecom

Here is your Google tip for the day and I promise you will make more than you are now. Add Adsense to your forum's archive. If memory serves me correctly, AmyKhar (see above poster) wrote a hack/mod for this very thing.. I get (got) a very high amount of ppc's in my archive and still do, though it is better to have them integrated with the thread views as well.

Google Adsense is as good as you want to make it and still the best ppc program out there, IMO and many others. (Another reason I have faith my links will come back sooner than later - they loose money on us when they do this type of thing) You have it neatly integrated on your main page but you have a lot of areas that are not covered.

And lastly, again, unless you have a lot of traffic you are not going to make a whole lot of money on any pay-per-click program.

If I had analyzed and focused on making money on my community from the start I never would have, NOR would I ever have considered it a viable business model. Ask any person with a big board and they will tell you they have sunk countless hours into them AND gone into debt doing so. I went into well over $10,000 in debt before I even started to break even on covering the hosting expenses. No, I don't code or manage my own servers but even if you do, it takes a huge effort and unless you love it, you have a really rough road ahead. Of course, if you have thousands and thousands to invest in paying good people to manage it and also to go toward advertising, you might get things going faster, but you also might equal out on your debt ratio about the same time, if ever.

15 Apr 2006, 04:57
Thank so much!!

You have it neatly integrated on your main page but you have a lot of areas that are not covered.

what do you mean by that

15 Apr 2006, 05:21
How to make moneyOf course there are donations and paid stuff but how to make more than 1 $ per donation?Adsense is stupid so what?
Adsense has been the saviour of forum sites. Your forum is tiny, so what do you expect - you won't be earning anything without traffic.

15 Apr 2006, 05:21
Closing thread as the OP does not have a Big Board.