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16 Apr 2006, 09:05
A hack that would preferably work along side the journal hack to simply help people record their diet and exercise activities

unfortunately my knowledge of php and Vbulletin is not great enough for me to write it myself, I have searched and don't believe there is a similar hack, if so great

I just want something simple to help people on my forum keep track and to be encouraged by others on the forum

I thought about having a initial setup page with something like 3 categories I guess: diet, fitness, other:
(initial) weight:
can do N pressups
can do N chinups
can do N situps
can run N Miles/Kilometres
Last time exercised for great then 10 minutes:
(Favorite exercise:)
how you rate your healthiness from 1 to 10:

from that should be able to give back instant information like BMI, how many of their favorite exercise it would take to lose X weight etc

and have a regular weekly page they can quickly go through to help them record their activities for the week
Current weight:
have done N pressups
have done N chinups
have done N situps
have run N Miles/Kilometres
exercised for N hours and N minutes this week
Most creative way exercised this week:
Have eaten (checkbox:wayyy to much|alot|more then usual|what I always eat|A little more then I should be|About as much as I should|less then I should have|less then is healthy|a tomato x()

all information should of course be able to be made public or private (like the option you have with journal entries) and making it like a journal entry would seem the easiest way to do it

of course this is just a rough idea, again I think just a simple system is all that is needed, its should just there to help a already existing health plan or something along those lines

any comments would be appreciated