View Full Version : What type of redundancy / fail-over does your forums have

16 Apr 2006, 20:31
After talking to Vissa in the following thread here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=112769&page=2) I thought it would be interesting to discuss what other Big Board owners do for redundancy, fail-over or preventive maintenance in case of either a hard drive or equipment failure or even something more catastrophic.

After dealing with 2 SCSI 10K drives failing in the last 6 months, not to mention riding out a number of DC outages in the past 4+ years, I decided to have a custom server build that has dual hot swap power supplies, 6 RAID 1 & 10 SAS drives + a 300 Gig IDE for backup, and colo'ing it in a data center that comes very highly recommended and that I cannot find a single negative comment or outage report about.

All that being said, I could still have mother board failures or something bad could happen to the data center, which brings up the topic of having backup or extra servers at another DC.

If you have some time, please discuss what your "backup" plan is in case of serious problems either with your server(s) or at the DC.

With regards to DNS services, do any of you use services like www.dnsmadeeasy.com so you can switch quickly or have it automatically switch to another DC server (etc) in case the primary goes down or you want to move?