View Full Version : Home page URL

18 Apr 2006, 09:02
There's a "problem" with the Home Page URL, it's user based rather than technical based but still annoying.

Some people fill in the url as www.site.com omitting the http://
When the browser creates an anchor for it, it doesn't recognise is as a whole website and links to vb.org/forum/www.site.com
This means you have to either click on it, get a 404 and adjust it, or copy the address, paste it manually and edit it. Both take time.

The phrase name for the "Set your home page" text on edit profile is called let_other_visitors_know_url. Could it be appended to remind people to put the http:// first? Or is there an easy way a check could be done for http:// before it's allowed to be submitted?