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19 Apr 2006, 12:58
Hi, I have installed the vBadvanced CMPS addon and pretty much have it working within the forums directory. However, I want to use the cmps_index page as the index page at the top level of the public directory.

I might have missed another post on a similar topic, but all searches have led to dead ends. Does anyone have some advice?

19 Apr 2006, 13:03
Just update cmps_index.php file and all will be well (the path).

19 Apr 2006, 13:29
Thanks for the tip, but I might need further advice.
I saved the cmps_index.php file as index.php in the root directory. Then I commented out the chdir('forum'); command. This results in a page with broken images and links.

Not sure what to do from here....

21 Apr 2006, 12:14
Well, after a bit of mucking around, I got this to work. It was a case of changing directories, connecting to global.php and then changing directories again.
Once that was working, some extra php was required to link up the style sheets. It's a tiny bit back and forth, but works really really well!

If anyone is interested in the method, I can post the code here.

21 Apr 2006, 15:28

Why so much extra work for a 1 line setting change in the cmps_index.php file?