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19 Apr 2006, 22:42
This is a simple but nice skin. I made it earlier and felt like making it available to the public, so here it is. If you do use it, then I'd probably change/modify the logo header since it's a bit rubbish ;)

19 Apr 2006, 23:31
I like it. Great job!

19 Apr 2006, 23:33
Decent skin, a little to plain for my taste. But good skin none the less.

20 Apr 2006, 00:04
Very nice job

20 Apr 2006, 10:11
Thanks, this is my first skin here so be nice :)

20 Apr 2006, 10:52
and you've done well very clean

21 Apr 2006, 20:22
Nice job!

22 Apr 2006, 07:08
This file was created using a different version of vBulletin from the one you are running.

Your version: 3.5.4
File version: 3.5.3


22 Apr 2006, 07:48
This file was created using a different version of vBulletin from the one you are running.

Your version: 3.5.4
File version: 3.5.3


Just click "ignore style version" and you should be fine... :)

23 Apr 2006, 11:33
Yes, the skin will work with all 3.5.x versions, like Intantrymen said just click "ignore style version" and you're done ;)

23 Apr 2006, 18:54
:( Not nice!

26 Apr 2006, 18:12
:( Not nice!
It's not like everyone's going to like it, so if you want to critise my skin then please justify your criticism, thanks.

27 Apr 2006, 13:16
:( Not nice!

ok... that was rude.

Lena Starling
30 Apr 2006, 22:48
For some reason all of the images show up as broken links for me. Why's that? I made sure the folder was named correctly.. but no results..

03 May 2006, 17:51
When I install it the images work fine for me. Anyway make sure the images folder is called "fblue_images" and check your stylevars for the skin. Also make sure it's uploaded to www.yoursite.tld/forum/fblue_images and not something like www.yoursite.tld/forum/images/fblue_images.

05 May 2006, 16:55
Nice job Mak, wouldnt of thought to see that this was really you ;)

13 May 2006, 20:52
looks nice, i'll probably install this on my forum later tonight

15 May 2006, 04:19
what are all the extra images in the zip file? the ninja and the stuff in the flip_fclasses and flip_mclasses etc?
Are they necessary to this style or did they get added by mistake?

15 May 2006, 05:04
how would I remove that white gradient bar across the top? what's that called so I can find it?

19 May 2006, 22:48
a fine lite style i say :)

21 May 2006, 22:34
Very nice. Has a great Ice effect to it.

22 May 2006, 13:18
Thanks for the comments!

Ohiosweetheart - Those images were probably exported by accident since I had an RPG mod installed, so just ignore them. The gradient is made up of two images, one is a background (fblue_images/misc/logo_gradient.gif) and the other one is the fblue_images/misc/vbulletin3_logo_white.gif image.