View Full Version : Armor Piercing, grey [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Grey)

22 Apr 2006, 05:02
This is Grey dark style. Fast loading, minimal graphics. I hope you like it! :banana:

If you use it, please click INSTALL and let me know and if I get good reviews I will make more... :)

To Install:

Unzip “vBulletin_Armor_Piercing_grey.zip” and upload “vBulletin_Armor_Piercing_grey” folder to cpstyles in your forums folder (forum/cpstyles)
Before Logging into your Admin control panel use the option button to select this style.
Login and make sure you click install...*Please let me know what colors/styles you would like to see made and I'll see what I can do... :bunny:

22 Apr 2006, 13:01
Oh yes I do like it! :)

22 Apr 2006, 15:23
Mate, you're it!

22 Apr 2006, 15:37
Mate, you're it!

Thanks :)

02 May 2008, 09:40
Very nice! Thank you a lot :)