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26 Apr 2006, 11:39
I wasn't sure if this belonged in a new thread or not, but since it's technically a seperate style I can't see the harm.

Anyway, this is a fixed width version of my FreshBlue template (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=111649) released last month. Below is a screenshot of the full width version, but it gives you the general idea:


FreshBlue fixed links:

Demo @ MotoGP Boards (http://www.motogpboards.com/index.php?styleid=5)
FB Homepage (http://www.vayadesign.net/blog/2006/03/29/free-vbulletin-template/)
Download FreshBlue Fixed (http://www.vayadesign.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/freshblue/FreshBlue_fixed_vB_template.zip)

Enjoy. :)

26 Apr 2006, 17:01
nice and simple style, i like it
could u change some icons like:

Atakan KOC
26 Apr 2006, 17:56
Nice :) Thanks

26 Apr 2006, 19:55
Nice looking sweet. ;)

30 Apr 2006, 16:10
Hi, I like this Skin:

Can you share it for me?

30 Apr 2006, 20:51

Glad you like it, but I'm afraid that's a unique skin just for MotoGP Boards. :)


08 Jun 2006, 09:51
Great template however the only page that doesn't work in this style is the actual "SHOWTHREAD". If you notice even your site, there is alignment problems and it appears something is going on here.. could you please take a look?


08 Jun 2006, 10:52
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The problem seems to occur in this and the 100% width template and definitely was not occuring when I first released the templates. I can only assume the problem worked it's way in when I introduced another fix.

I'll post back when I have a solution.

08 Jun 2006, 10:59
Great! I tried poking around but I got lost pretty quick :) I think it's adding some extra <div> where it shouldn't be..


08 Jun 2006, 11:07
Sorry, please attach the hack here within 24 hours of this notice, all hack threads must have their hacks attached.

08 Jun 2006, 16:49
Great! I tried poking around but I got lost pretty quick :) I think it's adding some extra <div> where it shouldn't be..

You'd be right, spacer_close needed a fourth </div>. How the hell I managed to take that out and not notice the side effects I don't know. :surprised: Anyway, I've updated and tested both templates now, having made a few other small changes. As an additional bonus it now validates throughout (http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.motogpboards.com%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D407%26styleid%3D5) on a default vB installation (which mine isn't, so it's not perfect). All of the original download links have been updated and...

Sorry, please attach the hack here within 24 hours of this notice, all hack threads must have their hacks attached.

... I've attached the new .zip to my first post as well.

I've checked as many pages as is possible in the space of a few minutes and it all looks good, but will use the templates myself for a while to make sure it is perfect. If anyone does spot a problem, just post here.

(Oh and I just spotted the 3.6 beta is out - I will release updated versions of the FB templates in a while, but for the time being my live and debugging forums are staying on 3.5)

11 Jun 2006, 21:52
You'd be right, spacer_close needed a fourth </div>.

As I'd love to say it's working, it's really not. Let me explain:

SHOWTHREAD does not.

You had mentioned that you did find issue in the spacer_close, but that would also mean you would have had to make changes in the spacer_open which you hadn't really mentioned anything about.

spacer_open has 3 opening divs, spacer_close has 3 ending divs. Thats fine, and that is most likely why the FORUMHOME and FORUMDISPLAY work fine.

Now, if I'm not mistaken, I think your "SHOWTREAD" template could be messing up somewhere. I'm not a VB skin expert, so I cannot tell what the problem is, but I think you could easily help me fix this.

Here is the URL with the issue (http://www.pictual.com/f-computers-26/t-ibook-812.html).

As you can see, the other templates/areas look fine.

Could you please advise what I need to do so this SHOWTHREAD template works as designed?

Thanks in advance :)

12 Jun 2006, 09:17
I did not modify spacer_open at all to fix this issue. However it is possible that I have updated it on a previous occasion as I did update the .zip within a couple of days of releasing the template when I found a few small bugs. Anyway, here is how spacer_open should look:

<div class="fbcontent">
<!-- open content container -->
<if condition="$show['old_explorer']">
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="$stylevar[outertablewidth]" align="center"><tr><td class="page" style="padding:0px $stylevar[spacersize]px 0px $stylevar[spacersize]px">
<else />
<div align="center">
<div class="page" style="width:$stylevar[outerdivwidth]; text-align:$stylevar[left]">
<div style="padding:0px $stylevar[spacersize]px 0px $stylevar[spacersize]px">

As you can see, four opening <div> tags (note the fbcontent one at the very top). spacer_close should then be:

<if condition="$show['old_explorer']">
<else />
<!-- / close content container -->

That is the code currently included in the template downloads and should work fine, as you can see at the demo site.