View Full Version : Some advice please.

26 Apr 2006, 16:59
I plan to move from a older linux box to a new faster Windows box.....

How would I go about backing up my databases? and moving my forum?

thank you for any advice and if you know of any problems I may encounter?

28 Apr 2006, 02:41
Are you sure running Windows is going to be faster? ;) Why not stick to a form of unix?

28 Apr 2006, 02:45
I have to agree with Erwin, what are you reasons for moving to windows? Do you need something that is not supported under *nix?

30 Apr 2006, 19:27
My linux education is lacking.... and I love my remote access on another windows server that I run...

30 Apr 2006, 23:05
They are not good enough reasons to run a server off Windows IMHO. Linux is not that hard to learn at all. If you're lazy you can use a control panel like cPanel. But you will learn to love the command prompt. :)

01 May 2006, 19:47
whats a good website with tutorials... for server maintenance....

03 May 2006, 00:39
Depends on the OS. I recommend FreeBSD, which is easy to use, but you need to be familiar with UNIX prompts. Otherwise, Centos with cPanel if you really want automation and a GUI-type interface - hardly need to SSH at all. Do a Google search once you decide on the OS.

03 May 2006, 21:47
I have linux now just don't know the flavor... with cpanel... at ev1....

03 May 2006, 23:42
At ev1, it's either Red Hat 4 or FreeBSD 5.x