View Full Version : In Regardes to Updated Hacks

26 Apr 2006, 20:17
I just updated a hack of mine and I know to users who have installed the older version will see the highlight color, informing them that there is a newer version. Instead of clicking uninstall and install, maybe we could have a link that says something like. Updated Version Installed.

Maybe use the condition you use to show the highlighted text, that way it will only show to users who need to update. When you click the link it will automaticly mark you as using the updated verison. Just some suggestions. :)

26 Apr 2006, 20:51

the highlighted text will disappear when a user downloads the new version, what more is needed?

26 Apr 2006, 20:53
Ahh, didn't realize that. Just woke up. hehe. :p