View Full Version : maybe ya'll can help me?

30 Apr 2006, 13:26
I am at this part, (part 2)

Upload the new vBadvanced CMPS files to the directories listed below.

root folder cmps_index.php (you will probably rename this file to index.php once everything is set up)
root/forums/admincp vbacmps_install.php
root/forums/cpstyles vba_cp_logo.gif
root/forums/includes adminfunctions_vba_cmps.php
root/forums/includes/xml cpnav_vbacmps.xml
root/forums/images/misc noavatar.gif
root/forums/modules Upload this folder and all of it's contents.

Note: Be sure to upload the /forums/images and /forum/cpstyles folders and their contents in Binary mode and the other files in ASCII mode.

I want to make perfectly sure before I do this because last time I lost everything. If I am in my server and I am going to upload these do I just open up the forum section of VBAdvanced and just push this on top of my VBulletin? SHould these overwrite the Vbulletin versions? IS that right?I am just going to find these particular files in my vbadvanced folder and push them to the respective folders within vbulletin?

also- my

$forumpath = '/home/booktalks.org/public_html/forums';

is this how it's supposed to look? SHould the www. be there?
Plus in Vbulletin the main folder is called forums, and in vbadvanced the main folder is called forum. does that make a difference? What should be listed in the string? forum or forums?