View Full Version : registeration and logging out errors

02 May 2006, 12:13
Hope this is the right place for my questions.
When registering I get a message saying " Thanks for registering $username " shouldn't $username be replaced with the person's name?
Also , then, the message says " You can now go to the forums" but when the person who registered clicks on the link he goes here: http://mysite.com/vb/$url

thus a white error page. ..This is the registeration problems.
As to the logout problem , I'll do a search first and if I don't find an answer I'll post it here. Thanks.

02 May 2006, 17:02
Try going to vbulletin.com/forum and asking there-This is more for modifications :)

02 May 2006, 18:33
a tip: it has to to with wrong phrases :)

02 May 2006, 18:59
Thanks all..will do with the advice.