View Full Version : Best way to restore a 300 mb database without ssh access

04 May 2006, 16:26
My host doesnt allow ssh access . so we cant enter commands, to restore and uplaod the 300 mb database? are they any other option

05 May 2006, 00:29
Your best bet is to upload your backup, call them up and have them do it. If they say they can't, tell them that you need SSH access because doing it via phpMySQLAdmin will undoubtedly time out.

If neither works, you need a new host.

05 May 2006, 00:59
Use a third party program like phpmyadmin as suggested, or get a new host. SSH access is quite important for most things.

05 May 2006, 01:49
I can recommend you Mysqldumper (http://www.mysqldumper.de/en/index.php)

05 May 2006, 03:56
I can recommend you Mysqldumper (http://www.mysqldumper.de/en/index.php)
I using this longtime, very good.

05 May 2006, 04:34
my db is around 65/mb and I searched high and low for the utility you're looking for. Just modify this file as needed and run from cgi-bin.

good luck.

# Edit this file and put correct string for following items
# Don't forget to set permission of 700 (not 755) to this script.
# You can do that with WebFTP, SiteTools, most FTP software, other utilities.

echo # Send text/plain Content-type header.
exec 2>&1 # Senf error output (stderr) to the browser

filename=${HOME:-${DOCUMENT_ROOT%/*}/cgi-bin/filename.sql} # ex.: dbbackup_2006-03-07.sql
#echo "Moving MySQL db"
# Dump DB
#/usr/local/bin/mysqldump --opt --no-create-db --user=xxx --password=xxx --host=xxx vbulletin > $filename

#echo "Data saved in $filename.
#Now importing to the destination DB"

# Restore (import)
/usr/local/bin/mysql --user=xxx --password=xxx --host=xxx xxx < $filename

echo 'Done'Call the file whatever you want with a .cgi extension.

09 May 2006, 21:00
@morrow thanks for that info.. question is.. how would I run that .cgi file?

09 May 2006, 22:09
how many members/threads/posts/etc comes in your 300mb database?

13 May 2006, 21:03
try this http://www.ozerov.de/bigdump.php it always works

26 May 2006, 23:58
Right now I am doing backups by mounting a second drive array. Then I sync the 2. I unmount the drive array and if the primary ever dies, or I want to roll back, I just switch arrays.
Does your host allow you access to the raw table files..? I generaly have better luck simply backing those up and restoring them than using sql dumps.