View Full Version : The new modifications forum!

08 May 2006, 21:28
Hi all,

Thumbs up to the new site layout adjusments. Having the ALL modifications on a seperate part of the site looks pretty neater & more professional.

I just have a questions about how this is being made? Does the modifications.php file is a modified version of index.php? Also I liked the corresponding unique stats that show number of coders & other relevenat information. Again is it just a forumhome template modification or it require additional coding to achieve the stats shown on it?

I wonder if it's for regular users, can this be done without the need to have 2 licences?

09 May 2006, 00:26
It's the same board on one domain so only one license is required. You can modify or create another index.php file but before you consider that take a look at amykhar's Split ForumHome Page into Multiple Pages (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=92201) hack. She adjusted it so it's a plugin mod now. :)

09 May 2006, 17:30
yep, the modifications page is coded by myself, just a few partsof index.php are used, but most code is original, and there might be more ;)