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10 May 2006, 03:15
Hello all,

I'm new in here and I just installed the ibproarcade. My forum is an Arabic forum and I've done most of the translation and I'm almost done. There is only one problem though, since Arabic is written from right to left there are some templates that are messed up and needs to be fixed. I can't find any arcade templates through the ACP >> Styles & Templates. Can some one point me out to the right direction please?

10 May 2006, 03:19
they are part of the files that you uploaded. i think they are a directory called skin (or similar)

10 May 2006, 17:46
Yes, all HTML-Code/Templates are in /arcade/skin/

If you need further assistence, just contact me - maybe we can integrate arabic language in ibProArcade ? ;)

11 May 2006, 00:04

Thanks guys. I found it and already got it working perfectly :banana:

MrZeropage I have most of it translated except for the Arcade ACP. I am still working on it and it hopefully will be done pretty soon. I don't usually translate the ACP for any hack but if you want the translation I will gladly do that and I will contact you with the arabic file and any necessary changes. Thats the least I could give you back for what you guys offer.

I have some finals this two coming week so you will hear from me as soon as I am done.

Thanks again guys

11 May 2006, 16:31
I will send yo PM with my mailaddress so we can exchange the files when done :)