View Full Version : Hack Searching utilities for vBorg

13 May 2006, 06:39
Hey guyz,

i would love to see a way to 'search / sort' hacks in a way that you can search for hacks with a minimum number of installs, minimum number of replies, minimum rank, etc... even if there was a 'hack list', simiular to the member list, but it gets lists all the hacks, with the following fields 'installs, rating, replies, author, etc... you could then sort these lists to get minimum and maximum of each, and even a 'search hack list', to find hacks for an author or simular... This mightn't be a high priority. but some times I think that i'd like to see some of the bigger hacks that I haven't found, some new hacks, or even look at high rating ones, etc...

I've found great hacks only recently that have been on this site for months that I hadn't seen, i'm on here 5+ times a day and feel this would make it easier to look at some of the more/less popular releases


Paul M
13 May 2006, 12:19
One day a magical beast called the "hacks database" is going to invade this forum from it's home in 'never never' land. Legend suggests that you may be able to tame this beast into doing the things you want. Sadly, we are beginning to believe that this great beast really is just a myth/legend, and we will not see it emerge in our lifetime. :)

13 May 2006, 13:17
lol, I think I know what you're referring to there Paul... i've seen this mentioned in a couple of threads but not to detail... I imagine it does what I described :D

well, who ever is doing it, hurry up, lol

would be great to see, thanks for the info mate :D