View Full Version : Graphic Area - A few suggestions.

14 May 2006, 13:25
I still think the graphic request sub headiing should be changed and sub headings should also be implemented to the Released graphic areas. Overall, the graphic area looks terrible and seems to be neglected so hopefully one of the admins can take my suggestions on board and make a few changes.

Members can download Pre-made custom Emoticon sets in here.

Members can download Pre-made custom Button Sets in here.

Members can download Pre-made misc sets (logos, Ranks, Avatars etc) in here.

Graphic requests

Members can request for a graphic (logo, Ranks, Buttons, Avatars etc etc) in here.

16 May 2006, 12:55
Yay, fore Shelley.

29 May 2006, 03:40
thank you Shelley. I hope they take notice as well! I also hope that some of the graphic designers start taking notice of the requests. So many of the requests have 0 replies, they look like ghost threads