View Full Version : Optimization of a +1 Million posts forum

15 May 2006, 05:13
Hey there :)

I posted the "official" thread over at vbulletin.com - I am sure they'll help me but in case you guys have some input / ideas:


THANKS! I love this community.

31 May 2006, 05:56
Good luck, I'll see what everyone says and I'll see what I can do.

31 May 2006, 07:30
thanks actually what happened is that I got a brand new FAST box so now everything is running super smoothly!

with 700 people on, I only reach 0.5% CPU

its a dual XEON 3Ghz, 4GB RAM, SCSI drives :)

I guess I Should go thru optimization anyway (with the vb team) to make sure its all at its best. No more "server is busy" though :)

Take care