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17 May 2006, 04:16
First let me say, I was a former IPB user for years and as my site grew we moved to VB to better handle a bigger community. I've been completely pleased with switching to VB. It has taken some time to get used to, but again, it's been well worth it.

VB.org has been a god send in providing me with useful addons to make my forum that much more 'unique'. So far the community truly has had a warm feeling to it and I've received help from two coders when I was having trouble with their hacks. Thanks to both of them and everyone else that puts in their time to number one, spend their time making and then releasing their hacks and secondly supporting them for those of us that find understanding PHP about the same as reading Greek. We all start from somewhere and always remember the people that helped us along.

With that said, I was a bit bewildered as to how to find hacks for my forums. Keeping in mind I was used to Invsionize and their setup. http://mods.invisionize.com/db/index.php/c/172

Notice how they have the mods in to catagories to reflect if it will be used in the admincp, forum display, board display etc? It always made it super easy if I was looking for a hack to do something to look in a paticular catagory. I understand the philosphy behind the current catagory system here, but I feel it might be a bit more user friendly switching to more of an Invsionize style.

Each hack could always include whether it is a plugin, template mod, etc. so you know what you're getting.

Just a suggestion. Again, I'm glad I switched to VB as well as VB.org :cool:

17 May 2006, 05:15
oh kinda like the as one user put it "legendary beast called the hacks database" :D

Adrian Schneider
17 May 2006, 05:21
The staff have been working on something similar.