View Full Version : Round Robin DNS and Vbulletin

28 May 2006, 09:39
Hi all,

I am presently on 2 servers. One PHP server and one MySQL server. At times, I can run up against my limit on my PHP server, causing delays and slowdowns.

In order to improve that situation, I was hoping to spread the PHP server over two servers. Most easily, of course, doing a round-robin DNS. Now, I know the biggest issue is if one server goes down then I'm in trouble. Ignoring that issue... are there any other major issues to be aware of before moving forward?

I know that attachments will have to be consolidated on one server. I have done this for the most part. All attachments are being pointed to one specific subdomain on one server. The only real apparent issue with this is that once you upload a file from the attachment pop-up window, it won't javascript refresh the main message window to reflect the uploaded files. This is because once the upload is POSTed, it's on a different domain (the subdomain).

Anyhow, that's a minor issue.

Any others that I might run into? My understanding is that sessions are being held in the database, so that shouldn't be a problem when crossing servers.


29 May 2006, 02:14
No problems whatsoever - that's how I've set up my attachment server too - that minor script error is really not a huge issue. Round robin works very well with vB.

30 May 2006, 07:01
I find it's easiest to throw attachments on an NFS Share as they don't generate a lot of disk i/o.