View Full Version : Page 2 of threads not showing.

28 May 2006, 20:02
Page 2 of threads not showing.

This is the error I get.:

No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

URL looks like this:

::fixed it::
need to change it in the .xml file...

"<a href=\"$myurl/$new/t-$title-page$page-$fid{$vbulletin->options['vRewrite_extension_showthread']}\"", $output);

To This:
"<a href=\"$myurl/$new/t-$title-$fid-page$page{$vbulletin->options['vRewrite_extension_showthread']}\"", $output);

I believe it occurs twice.

29 May 2006, 15:55
excuse me.... is this a script for page seperation in a thread... because this is what i need... if it is....

if it is... can you point me to the hack??

21 Jun 2006, 09:01
thanks, to note this is in the plugin manager, under "vRewrite - main script"

actually.. you don't need to do this, you have to use the add-on of the .htaccess generator and everything will work perfectly

29 Jun 2006, 18:29
i try it, it did work
but new problem found, when you click the second page in the showthread page , it get the blank page. but if you click the thread to view it, then click view next page , it work this way, so the htacess still missing some thing or something wrong.

10 Oct 2006, 01:40
Is it solved ?