View Full Version : v3Arcade Premium Support

29 May 2006, 06:09
I'm curious, why v3Arcade isn't in premium support. It's hack thread is huge, 100's of pages. It also has nearly twice the installs of ibPro Arcade which is in premium support.

29 May 2006, 06:13
A premium support forum has to be requested via pm from the author to one of the administrators. If the author has not done this, then a premium support forum will not be created. The author is also responsible for providing the support in that forum, which requires regular and frequent visits to the site.

29 May 2006, 07:47
it also already has a website at http://v3arcade.com

Paul M
29 May 2006, 10:58
Yep, I think John prefers to support it from his own site.

29 May 2006, 11:48
At the moment there is no official support for v3Arcade anywhere, since it is in "hibernation" once again.