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30 May 2006, 00:32
...but seemingly not allowed to... I assume this may be because I am showing up as currently "unlicensed". :surprised:

I actually want to get some help sorted with programming and design before I purchase vbulletin, just to make sure this is all going to be worth my while - I am intending to transfer a 10 year old community from a customised phpBB setup to a shiny new vbulletin install and just want some helping hands. My funds are very limited but I'm sure an arrangement can be reached with the right people.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Paul M
30 May 2006, 00:43
Unlicenced members cannot post service requests, there is a pre-sales forum you can ask questions in.

30 May 2006, 12:57
What the hell?? My post in Pre-Sales forum has been deleted?

<hindsight is a wonderful thing>

30 May 2006, 12:59
Your thread was not deleted. Upon adding your contact information, we have moved the thread to the service requests forum.

30 May 2006, 15:11
if i won't buy one then i can't post in www.vbulletin.org ...

First Time Hearing....

30 May 2006, 18:44
ah ok peterska sorry.still, it means i now can't see it... never mind, my requirements are still valid and im looking forward to any takers for the job(s).


30 May 2006, 18:53
Did you leave a valid email address as contact?

30 May 2006, 19:13
yes, although i did it with anti-spam in mind so has to be read carefully!

30 May 2006, 19:20
Guests, spiders, and unlicensed users cannot see that forum so I've changed it so users can click on your email to contact you.