View Full Version : Few questions

01 Jun 2006, 03:21
I sucessfully got this installed on a test board so before I set it up in a live environment, I have a few questions.

1. I don't have my forums set up as domain.com/forums but rather forums.domain.com so will it work having the CMPS as domain.com and the forums as forums.domain.com? I can always try but I want to see if anyone knows first.

2. I have the cellspacing="$stylevar[cellspacing]" instances in all of my templates replaced with cellspacing="0". This removed the cellspacing between blocks, around the t_cat gradients, etc in the forums. Apparently it still shows in vBadvanced and there's no instance of cellspacing="$stylevar[cellspacing]" anywhere in any of the vBadvanced templates. Any ideas on how I can remove all of cellspacing from vBadvanced?

3. Cellpadding on the t_cat instances (category bars) seems to be just a tad bit smaller on vBadvanced than on the forums. Any way I can increase this?

I looked through the templates for the last two but couldn't figure it out.

Edt: Found the last two. I was using the replacement variable manager but I'm guessing that only searches vBulletin's own default templates? Anyhow, I found an instance of $stylevar[cellspacing] in the adv_portal_module_shell template, which was also where I fixed the cellpadding.

I guess that answers my real questions. If anyone wants to let me know on the first, cool. Otherwise, I'll just rename the forums index as per mentioned in the instructions. This is a real nice addition to vBulletin.