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01 Jun 2006, 21:00
Hi guys and girls, this is my first release here so I'm not really sure what I'm doing but here goes :P

Designed this style for my old vB 3.0 forum which was based on the anime fullmetal alchemist but now the shows over and theres nothing new to post on the site decided to change the site and forums theme, had a bit of extra time today so I though it would be nice to recode some of my old styles to vB3.5 after the upgrade

So here it is

Live Demo

I havent included any psd's with the style because I dont have any, sorry the style was first made when vB 3 was in beta stages and I've formated my hard drive since then, I'll design a new header for the style when I get a chance and provide as much support as I can which wont be much with my uni exams starting next week :P

Style most likely wont be much good to many as its very theme based but would work well as a nice simple style on a gaming or anime forum.

Anyway enough pointless rambling from myself, hope you enjoy the style :)

P.S. If you use the style please click install

01 Jun 2006, 21:21
Nice and sweet. :D

01 Jun 2006, 21:35
wow finally an anime style exists lol

The Chief
02 Jun 2006, 02:39
great looking skin, really nice, i'll install just for the sake of it :)

Atakan KOC
02 Jun 2006, 07:32
great. Thanks

02 Jun 2006, 09:56
look nice! thanks u

02 Jun 2006, 11:37
That is an awesome dark style, moley. Cheers! ;)

02 Jun 2006, 14:28
Thanks for the nice comments guys, that was the very first vB style I made :P

I'll be porting more of my old styles over and making some new ones in the future next on my list is a Guild Wars style.

Ohh and remember if you use it click install please.;)

09 Jun 2006, 01:29
I figured out the font used for the smalle buttons (which turned out to be "small font")

But what text do you use for the large buttons. I am having trouble figuring that one out, and it seems that the buttons like NEWTOPIC seem to use a mixture of two fonts, or the TOPIC is bolded and the NEW part isnt.

In either case I really need help in finding out! It's the only thing thats keeping me from opening up this skin to my members

It's a very good skin and will go great with me anime forum :)

09 Jun 2006, 13:15
I didnt make my button my co-admin did I'll ask him if he remembers when he gets online.

11 Jun 2006, 09:35
I LOVE those status icons! I used them on my games forum page. They look great! The style didn't work for me but, it is very nice too! Awesome work, and thanks! :bunny:

11 Jun 2006, 10:39
Any idea on what text was used for hte buttons? If you have no idea... i just end up doing my own

11 Jun 2006, 13:04
My internet's been down for the last two days because of my telephone company screwed up the frequency or something, I've posted a topic about the bottons in my sites admin area he should see it in about 6-12 hours since he's in America.


Sorry he doesnt remember anymore.

16 Sep 2006, 15:58
I absolutely love the look of this style. It has been one of my user's choice sytles for several months now! :)

I'm wondering would you upgrade it to the new 3.6.1? That would be awesome! ;)

26 Sep 2006, 00:44
seriously dude upgrade it if you can its freaking awsome

02 Oct 2006, 14:00
I'm currently running vb 3.5 for my site but I hope to set up a test server with 3.6 later on in the year(most likely the 3rd week of October) and I'll be upgrading this style as soon as that happens.

Thanks for the kind comments. :)

12 Jan 2007, 03:38
My forum really likes this skin. I am looking forward to the 3.6.x version. :-) I hope everything goes well with your forum as well.

18 Aug 2007, 09:05
Wow I forgot about this sorry guys I've got a vb3.6 version I coded a little while ago I'll just give it a quick test make sure nothings broken then upload it :)

Ok the vb3.6 version has been uploaded you can get it here http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1320109#post1320109