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01 Jun 2006, 23:26
I always hate it when people on my board complain, and then everything gets blown out of proportion and people start waving around the TOS, so I apologize in advance.

The vBspace hack . . . wtf? I've actually been holding off on a new site for the past 2 months just for this hack, and the other day you told me that it would be about 3 more months, and I was planning on waiting. I'm glad someone decided to spill the beans. So, now I'm hearing that this is just some sort of ad based hack, hosted on another server, that was never going to be. I'm calling shenanigans! :tired:

Now that you have had some sort of change of heart, let's set the record straight.

Is it coming out or not?

I seem to remember you guys whimpering every time someone asked for an ETA, and you were like "it's a free hack guys, and it has a lot of lines of code, blah blah blah" and now it seems this little chant was nothing more than a bait and switch.

I think I hit the nail on the head with that one. BAIT AND SWITCH!

There is no way that I would ever send my traffic to another site. Not only that, but I don't think I've ever used a hack without hacking it up myself. So now we're expected to just accept this new way of life? Run everything on your server and so on.

This was going to be the only hack that I was going to have, and it was the only reason that I was planning on buying another 2 or 3 licenses of vB. Looks like that ain't gonna happen.

I wouldn't even mind if you guys made vBspace a separate add on for vBulletin. I say go for it; you deserve it. License it just the same, $85 for vB $85 for vS.

If I end up writing my own version of vBspace, it won't be on vBulletin.

P.S. I'm sure you guys will just end up deleting this thread too, but stash it away in your suggestion box for some ideas, and to remind yourself how every person in the thread you deleted and I feel about this little fiasco.

02 Jun 2006, 00:05
How can you have more than 20 posts on the forum and not realize how it works? "VBSpace" was not something jelsoft or even the admins here at vb.org was doing - it was (and is) being coded by a team of people not employed by jelsoft (that's the company that created and sells vBulletin).

You have very valid frustration, and it is shared by MANY of us, but your hostility is toward the wrong people.

Here is where to go for more information about the folks creating "vbspace" or, more appropriately, "zoints" ...


Good luck.

02 Jun 2006, 00:13
Maybe he's referring to who started the vB Space thread, Danny.VBT, who is an admin here? I don't know.

02 Jun 2006, 00:14
At the moment said thread is being discussed internally at the admin levels, any other information we can't release at the moment. I really see no point in this thread going any further either so I am going to close this thread.