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02 Jun 2006, 16:01
How did you guys get a forum going so it grows that big ?

Flashback to the past : You set the forum up, you the only poster so far ... how did it get so big ? SEO or how ?

02 Jun 2006, 19:11
For some reason every forum I have setup is based off an existing forum that the administration went awry with. (Gamespot Forums)

I've setup 3 forums based off the most popular forums that were on Gamespot, so people looking for an uncensored less rules version of the old forums come to these new forums. As Gamespot grows massive daily so do my forums. Users who get moderated for trivial items tend to flock to my sites. While that makes it a bit tougher to moderate it leads to a never ending user base and some very loyal users.

03 Jun 2006, 10:17
The best thing if you have less than 1 Registered person (ok, so its just you). Bring a bunch of old friends that would be interested in the forum subject and start creating conversations. Then Others will come, and you can tell your friends to stop helping, or if they like to stay.

03 Jun 2006, 14:38
yeah i need help too!

03 Jun 2006, 15:01
Content is king...if you provide good, quality content visitors will come...

04 Jun 2006, 09:02
automtic wellcome thread & other say wellcome thre..
i got it pretty usefull in my site