View Full Version : 2 bugs found - fix available?

02 Jun 2006, 17:47
hello, thank you for this very usefull hack!

but i have found 2 bugs and i hope you will fix them.

1. if somebody use the "search: Posts Made By" funkction -> the post-link bring an error

example: http://www.domain.tld/f-forum-name-id/t-thread-name-id-id-postid.html

2. your vrewite hack dont work together with the "[HIDE] Hack Resurrection" hack!

i hope you fix the second bug very fast, becouse its very important for me.

Edit: i try this: RewriteRule ^(.*)/(showthread\.php)$ showthread.php?t=$3&thanks=1&%{QUERY_STRING} [L] but it dont work :(

please check your pn for a little $ detail ;)

sry for my bad english!