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03 Jun 2006, 10:46
This is an error I get when I try and install Milad's port for 3.5.4 I do everything fine until I have to import the product. I get the following error:
Database error in vBulletin 3.5.4:

Invalid SQL:
alter table user add vbchat_pref_font varchar(255) not null default '',add vbchat_pref_font_color varchar(255) not null default '',add vbchat_pref_user_ignore text not null default '';;

MySQL Error : Duplicate column name 'vbchat_pref_font_color'
Error Number : 1060

There is some error somewhere but when I checked in the XML i did not see any repeating 'vbchat_pref_font_color.' Unfortunately I do not whats wrong and if anyone helped, the help would be greatly appreciated.