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04 Jun 2006, 00:30
what's your vb.org look like?

Here's mine

maybe install some sort of articles system instead of using the forums and add tab at the top which links to articles (home, forum, mods, articles, chat)

something like this

-site feedback
-articles (unless there's the articles tab)
-link to general/community discussions (show recent posts)
--big boards
--secret coder forum

--code modifications
--link to syles 3.5 and grahpics (show recent posts)
--hosted 3.5 (the hacks with big threads are moved here)
--premim 3.5 (paying members can download hacks in here)
--full releases
--beta releases
--link to styles 3.0 and graphics (show recent posts)
--hosted 3.0 (the hacks with big threads are moved here)
--premium 3.0 (paying members can download hacks in here)
-vb programming (combine programming discussion from general discussion w/ questions and discussion)

styles and graphics
--3.5 styles
--3.0 styles
--requests maybe ?
--avatars & misc
-styles and graphics discussion (take from general discussion)

and give people the option (like they have now) to show only the 3.0 or 3.5 section, maybe do the same with other parts.

in the premium forums you only allow members who have joined the cool premium member club to have access (monthly or yearly fee). Allow coders who have been here for X amount of time and/or have released X amount of hacks and/or has X reputation from fellow coders and/or has X reputation from members to make releases + require a lite version? Coders who have met the above requirements get X % of monies after X amount of time (to ensure quality and support). Maybe give X amount/% of money for Y amount of installs after X amount of time.

This way people aren't selling hacks per say, its more of a premium club giving access to those who join the club and their money is distributed among the premium hackers and the .org.

04 Jun 2006, 05:11
for premium forums only allow members who have joined the cool premium member club access (monthly or yearly fee).
whoa.... are you talking about the premium modification forum? Where the really popular hacks are? They can't do that hun, regular members go there to get support for the hacks like vBux, IBProArcade, etc.
If you're talking about another premium section, then I apologize

THAT layout (that you have above) would have been alot better than what I see now. I had to click several times just to find the smilies, buttons, etc as they are not readily visible like they were before the 'restructure".

04 Jun 2006, 06:34
yeah, sorry I should have explained what I meant.

I changed the premium forum name to hosted forum name.. so all the hacks that grow really big would get hosted there.

premium forums would be where people release hacks to the community of contributors with the expectation that the hacks are major additions or require a lot of support or something.. its just a concept, not really an actual plan they have here.

04 Jun 2006, 13:03
all modifications (regardless of type) will go into the MODIFICATIONS FORUM .. the goal is to have one area where members could go and download vbulletin modifications ...

06 Jun 2006, 17:38
I have them listed all under the modifications forum in my example?