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Living in music
04 Jun 2006, 02:48
Download and upload styles folder to forum root.
Import vbulletin-style.xml

Included: PSD, Fonts... etc. Link download: http://giaidieuviet.biz/PSD.rar

Live demo: http://giaidieuviet.biz/forum/index.gdv?styleid=3

Don't forget click INSTALL!

04 Jun 2006, 03:23
Wow, Very nice :banana:

The Chief
04 Jun 2006, 03:31
That's awesome, thank you :)

04 Jun 2006, 03:32
nice job :)

(It does have an annoying jump to the right every time you load a page though :()

04 Jun 2006, 03:42
He's Vietnamese. Like me
Good Job!

Living in music
04 Jun 2006, 04:10
Thanks to all!
AloneKid, What's It Like Where You Live? :D

04 Jun 2006, 06:12
He he .^^ Good job A2 ^^ I like it :D

04 Jun 2006, 08:22
great i dont use but great works :)

04 Jun 2006, 11:26
very nice style

04 Jun 2006, 13:07
Nice skin! but behind the banner i think not a mu's charater :D good job

05 Jun 2006, 09:02
good work;)

05 Jun 2006, 17:01
Ahh lovely!

Living in music
07 Jun 2006, 04:14
Thanks to everybody, hope u like it!

13 Jun 2006, 06:48
Download Link Doesnt Work Anymore for the PSDs, I can't test it, hehe. =)

13 Jun 2006, 15:53
Good job ,I like it

15 Jun 2006, 14:25
(It does have an annoying jump to the right every time you load a page though )

I have noticed something wierd with this style. I installed this style (and I love it btw) on my site at http://www.dungeonkeepersdomain.com

When the style loads, the entire screen aligns to the right and then when it is loaded, shifts to the center. In addition, there is about a 4 second delay on every page load.

On my site, if you are logged in, this happens everytime, but if you are not, everything loads perfectly and the alignment to the right does not happen.

See for yourself. Goto the link above and watch the load times and alignment. Then login with the username and password of "testaccount" and see.


BTW, This only started happening when I put in this style. It does not happen on the other styles I have installed. I love this style and do not want to lose it, but this problem must stop.

majestic 888
31 Aug 2008, 23:55
Anyone got a screen shot the demo url is down.